Why Peace?

Why Peace?

Peace is experienced in many ways.

lotus-215460_1280No longer having hay fever or having a deadly fear of dust.

A stomach that doesn’t hurt.

A body free of aches and pains.

A calm mind (most days – nobody is perfect).

For me, the list goes on and I have managed to experience the above, and more, by making small changes in my life and being extremely forgiving and patient with myself.

As you can see, the list is very self-centered. Why? It’s what I know best. It’s my reality. I understand peace through my own experience. Not another person’s experience.

I’m sure you have your own list. Give yourself 10 seconds to think of what peace could mean for you.

Now that you’ve done that, give yourself another 10 seconds to think of some more.

It’s okay if you can’t think of any. It just means you may not know what it would be like to be without the anger, worry, pain and sickness you’re experiencing this very moment.  It’s hard to think of peace and freedom from such things when they take up so much of your mental power and will power.

Not to worry. I will leave this post here. You can have some real time to imagine what life would be like to be without, or have effective ways to deal with, the pain, worries and fears in your life.




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